Monday, 20 June 2011

Welcome to The Vineyard, We've Got Fun and Games!

Summer has finally graced us all with it's presence and warm weather and the Jack Wills Martha's Vineyard team couldn't be happier. The past few weeks have been epic, the fun never ending. We have been representing the brand on nights out, wearing all the styles Summer Holiday has to offer, furthering our close-knit relationships with one another. The Vineyard has been lucky enough to receive visits from Bostonians, New Haveners and Newporters alike for house parties, bar crawls and birthday parties.

As a new-comer to the island, I am already hooked. The people, the places... Beaches, boats, fields, horses and endless fun all on one island? While it has been non-stop "I love my life" moments since day one, I can only imagine what sinful, extravagant adventures will come with the influx of Island-goers and rising temperatures of the summer months.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Kate, Michelle, and Jack, too.

US meets UK, both JW-style and in the world of the diplomats. Congrats to all the new US stores opening this summer, especially the recently-opened New Haven and Southampton stores, plus Newport and Charlottesville!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Jack Wills Does 'Fratty' @TrinColl

After officially accepting that I was done for the year at school, what better way to distract my nostalgia than to join the Jack Wills crew in Hartford for a frat party? Not much. So off to Trinity College I was, best friend in tow and party pants on. The night started slow, catching up with everyone in Rachel's apartment, but hit a spike once arriving at the Alpha Delta frat house. If I had to choose one word to describe the duration of the evening it would have to be “fratastic”. The house was decked out in neon paint, Jack Wills banners, Uncle Jack flags, bars, a library (my favorite aspect), countless drinking game tables, a dancing cage and a DJ booth. Being only my second frat party ever, I still wasn’t sure what to expect but the frattiness that ensued seemed text-book quality. Kegs, backwards hats, pastels, fleece vests, anything urbandictionary.com dubbs “frat”, you name it, was there.

The Jack Wills New Haven crew eventually joined us there as well. Members of the team tended the bar, filling Jack Wills Seasonnaires cups with delicious concoctions.

The music was great, the dancing never ending, and to my appeal, the chivalry was pretty top-notch in regards to getting drink refills. The only downfall was the condition my feet and Jack Wills sandals were in at the end of the night, although this was probably a trend amongst all the party go-ers. Regardless, it was great seeing people I hadn’t in a while, as well as the many new faces I momentarily became acquainted with. It was a late night followed by an early morning, but none the less a great brief Jack Wills oriented jaunt.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

JW New Haven Now Open!

I had a fabulous time at the Jack Wills New Haven store launch party this past Saturday night- great band, great company, and great clothes (of course I didn't leave without making a purchase of my long-awaited Larkhill dress in the liberty print)! Congrats, Jack, and good luck with your upcoming store launches in Southampton and Newport!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Jack Wills Viva Italia!

Hello All!

my JW duffle is going to Italy!
So this semester has just ended at Northeastern University, and it looks like this is my last summer to enjoy some beach and surfing before heading into the real world and attending my co-op in Italy! I just received a letter from Italian Vogue last week stating that I had been chosen for the co-op I had applied for! As a broadcast Journalism Major at Northeastern University, I applied to only one Co-op. Italian Vogue. I'll be a intern Broadcaster working fashion week and all the red carpet events, interviewing models, designers and celebrities and I am ecstatic. I have worked really hard for this and its finally paying off. I will have to bring some JW gear to show the Italians what they are missing, and maybe even scout for a location for the first store there? The possibilities are endless. It has been amazing working with everyone at Jack Wills, and I am so excited to continue as a Seasonnaire across the Atlantic. So, as many of you are finishing up your semesters, I wish you all the luck with finals and let the parties begin. I can't wait to see you all this summer, and keep in touch.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Last Day of Finals at Furman!

Although I was locked in the basement of the science building defining the functions of each cranial nerve on Saturday at 8 a.m. while Juliana, Ben, Grace, Abby, and Olly were fantastically representing the Jack Wills lifestyle to my fellow Southern students, I wore my luckiest pair of party pants... And I passed anatomy. This was a miracle, to say the least.
BUT NOW SUMMER IS UPON THE SOUTH and we are already prepared. Last night was spent slip-and-sliding in bikinis avoiding lightning strikes at the Furman baseball house. Bud Diesel was consumed until at least 4 a.m. and this morning my electrolyte-hungry brain spent no less than an hour on my iPad (THANKS JW!) debating between the purchase of an Ellerton and a Larkhill dress (feel free to help). Some might say this is the antithesis of productive, but I'm feeling pretty damn spicy.

Wake Up with Jack Wills

My friends often joke about me working for a clothing company, some even call me "Jack",  but one thing they never turn down is a pair of the signature yellow JW Seasonnaire briefs.  Every time there is an event or a promotion people flock to them.  A few weeks ago my friend Pat had what I think is the best JW yellow brief story to date.

Pat has an artsy nerdy swag that has worked wonders for him for years.  A few weeks ago after an art exhibition, obviously enamored by his work, there were several girls vying for his attention.  Pat selected a very beautiful unnamed girl and brought her back to his apartment.  They start to hook up and get undressed when all of a sudden the both burst out laughing--each is wearing a pair of  yellow JW seasonnaire briefs.

I am not sure how or if Pat ever recovered that night but for some reason I find this story absurdly hilarious.  Thank you JW.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Finals Finals Finals

Good luck to my fellow University Seasonnaires on your final exams! I know it's crunch time for me so I'm sure a bunch of you are also feeling the pain of being trapped in the library for what seems like eternity. But fortunately it's almost summer, which means sun, sand, and Jack Wills.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

18 Holes in one?

Today the brothers of Beta Theta Pi at St. Lawrence University hit the links for the annual Beta golf tournament! The competition was stiff, and the running was close, but I broke 100...no small feet for me. Although I was a long shot for the victory (81, and thus winning the famed and hallowed green blazer), I had an awesome time on a beautiful (and there aren't many) spring day here in the North Country.
The (drinking) day started last night with the tri-Delta formal where swing dancing and plenty of booze put many brothers (and sisters) out of commission. So our sub-noon tee-times today were a struggle from the get go. First shot, our resident (and original, check youtube) laxbro, Micl, shanked one, no joke, 45 degrees ACROSS the driving range making many a would be competitor duck in horror. Mick would eventually bow out after puking on the 9th green. The rest of us pushed on, with beer in hand and putter in the other, eventually the full 18 were conquered.
All of us are truly looking forward to summer now, but what an great way to spend such an incredible day here in the North Country! Party Pants an all.
Much Love to the Jack Wills faithful, and see you this summer! Maybe not on the links, but certainly around the hot spots.


A Day at the Races: Keeping things foxy at Foxfield.

Just got home from a weekend full of perfect weather and good company at the Foxfield races in Charlottesville VA. Ben met up with us in DC for a night out in Georgetown on Thursday before we headed to UVA to link with Juliana the next morning. Although Virginia is only a state away, it definitely has more of a Southern feel about it (due in part to it's very apparent affinity for chicken and biscuits. Olly even met the South's king of KFC in the president's booth at the races.) Friday night we explored downtown Charlottesville, grabbed some dinner with everyone, and checked out Juliana's sorority Tri-Delt. We subjected Ben to some Freddie Prinze Jr. flicks and passed out early so we'd be ready to go full-force the next day.

We got an early start the next morning, as although Foxfied is only a few miles from UVA campus, the trip is known to be made at a crawl due to the impossible amount of people that drive in for the races. I wore the Larkhill dress (as pictured above,) but forgot a very important accessory: sunscreen, and am now coping with a sunburn that highlights the dress's keyhole back design. Attractive. We eventually made it to our plot of land, where we set up our JW tent, complete with bumping tunes from the Land Rover and goodies like customized Foxfield sunglasses and beer coozies. We quickly made a lot of friends, and saw a lot of old ones too!

According to UVA students, actually seeing a horse at the event is completely unexpected, as many people never make it off their own plot. We quickly learned that the event centers more around the outfits and the beverages than the jockeys, but we were still determined to catch a glimpse of the races. Luckily were able to watch from the presidents booth, where we even got close enough to pet one of the horses, which I'd say makes our first Foxfield trip a success. Abby and I placed bets on a few of the races, but unfortunately had no success, although we met a lot of interesting people doing so!

As usual there was plenty of revelry and laughs throughout the day, complete with some rooftop dancing on the Landy. After a long day in the sun we headed back into town where we had a nice supper and hung out with some of our new Charlottesville friends. I'm currently recooperating from an overload of fun, so until next time, XOXO.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Welcome To The Content Crew

A little time into my winter, once I was actually in, I opened my eyes to just how many amazing things were happening all around me all the time.  I became aware of a band of brothers (and sisters) know only to you or I as the Content Crew, the cyber division of Aspen Snowmass' marketing team, responsible for nothing more than providing stellar online content to further Aspen's presence on the web.  In other words, the only group in the whole resort who could possibly have a better job than me.  Luckily, as a Seasonnaire it is my responsibility to seek out these pockets of forward thinking individuals, always pushing for something fresh and new, something different, something better.  Needless to say, I had to find this Content Crew, and infiltrate them like Irina Shayk infiltrates your dreams.  Blinded by my own genius at the conception of such a ravishing plot, I was unprepared for what I would find...

Introducing the Content Crew, a melting pot of the purest intentions and finest initiatives charged (honestly) with the sole responsibility of providing great media content for Aspen Snowmass to utilize through their numerous web portals.  What I didn't expect, unsurprisingly, was to find a group of people who boasted (without boasting) one of the most unique combined skill sets and diverse set of interests I have ever come upon.  A group of people who, despite all else, consistently come together in the best of ways to ski, ride and shoot everything.  Imagine turning the key to a Secret Garden, and inside waiting for you was a guide, this guide knew every last inch of the garden and all of the magic it could possibly offer.  Your guide calls the garden home because he knows how special it is, and he is not alone, but he is unique, and willing to share.  You have walked a thousand gardens, but not this one, and now you are the new kid.

David Amirault - The godfather of Content Crew, whose ability to spontaneously manifest wifi hotspots is surpassed only by his talent as a modern day html Shakespeare.  His symbiotic relationship with modern technology (not his stature) have earned him the alias Digi, a nickname which stuck harder than most as he powers forward on his quest digitize the whole of Aspen/Snowmass.  He is basically Neo.

Gordon Bronson - Drives home at 3am in bath robes and wet boxers.  Born and bred on the streets of Aspen, it is impossible to go anywhere this kid hasn't already been.  If you know the restaurant, he knows the owner.  If you know the owner, he knows the owner's daughter, and her friends...  Gordon's meteoric rise through the social standings has earned him the unofficial title "Mayor Of Aspen", I feel he wears it well.

G.R. Fielding - I know a little less about.  But I do know that he knows Snowmass better than I know myself, which should be worrying.  He was also born with unnaturally dense muscle tissue (or something) which allows him to generate more inertia in 5 metres of forest than is healthy for any man.  Possibly the best skier on the mountain.  Jealous?

Jeremy Swanson - Aspen's very own photographic phenomenon and raw file renegade, responsible for every single picture in this post, Jeremy claims that he'd rather be lucky than skillful, when in truth he is the wickedest combination of both.  When you reach the apex of your professional life and you are sure you have the best job in the world, call Jeremy and go compare.  Wake, eat, ride, shoot, laugh, drink, sleep, repeat.  There may be some factors I missed, but I'm pretty sure that's about it.

Honourable Mention: Joel Gratz - The Rocky Mountains' first ever dedicated personal powder snow forecaster.  Aside from being a walking meteorology guide, Gratzo's fresh approach to the business is taking the snow report industry in refreshing new directions.  The man is definitely worth a look, how do you think we always know where to look for the best snow?

There is however two very strict limiting pre-requisites before you can ride with the Content Crew.
1.  You absolutely must be under 5' 8", it makes the snow look deep.
2.  You gotta be able to hang.

Find the Content Crew all over the web on the homepage,  blog,  twitter,  facebook,
but where else?

To the Content Crew, thank you all for welcoming me so openly into your adventures, thank you for riding with me on shoots, thank you for repeatedly smashing my cliff drop record, and thank you for showing me the kind of terrain only dreams are made of.  Thank you Jeremy, for quietly enduring countless slash waves to the face, I promise I will work on that...  I am so pleased to be involved with you as a crew and I honestly could ask for little more from my rookie year at Aspen Snowmass.  Right now I am barely keeping up, but believe me I am just getting started.  
Digi, I will be back.

from AspenSnowmass on Vimeo.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Congrats to Wills and Kate!

I hope at least someone else is as insane as I am for waking up tomorrow morning at 4 am to watch the Royal Wedding (and did I mention tomorrow is also "Blowout," the last day of classes at William & Mary when everyone is already a tad crazy)? But I'm so ready to don a Jack Wills dress and a wide-brimmed hat while feasting on cinnamon buns and sipping o.j. out of a champagne glass. I'm a sucker for dressing up, and this just adds to the many costume changes I'm sure I'll be making throughout the day tomorrow as it is (start off in one JW dress, change into another for my classes and lunch, then switch to a JW top and bright pink chino shorts for the afternoon- I've had this planned for a while).

It's bound to be a long day and chances are I'll collapse on my bed around 6 o'clock, but it will certainly be worth it. So don't forget to toast Wills and Kate on their big day (and maybe sip some Earl Grey from your commemorative JW Wills & Kate Minster Mug)! Tomorrow will be fabulously British for sure.

Spring Fling!

Spring Fling: 1. A casual relationship between two persons who are usually attracted to one another. This can involve puppy love, sex, or perhaps just “hooking up.
2. Spring Fling can also refer to a colligate dance held at a few American universities (i.e. Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania) according to Urban Dictionary.

Jack Wills, however, chose Yale's!
Not only does Jack Wills provide delicious spring florals on their jumpers and delicate plaids on their oxfords, but the supply the states with impeccably timed spring weather. This past Tuesday was Yale's Spring Fling and a great group consisting of Red (finally back on the east coast), Ben, Will, Rachel, myself and Izzy (finally in the US!) were all in attendance, sprinkling Jack Wills love all over New Haven, CT. We arrived at the hotel mid afternoon, the sunshine at its peak and gathered for a delicious drink and quick bite on the terrace before making our way to campus.
Walking into the gates of Yale, you could hear the DJs on the quad pumping tunes and we were all excited. Now, I had never been to the school prior to this, but it was well worth the wait. I was instantly impressed by the amounts of cherry blossoms on campus, the pristine courtyards, stone buildings and statues, and ornate doors. It was very picturesque. Walking into Will's dorm after this scene, I was not expecting the pre-game that awaited us; beer, shot-gunning, and what seemed to be a New Haven trend, smoking indoors. Then it was off to the first performance of the fling, Third Eye Blind, for a little while until we went to the Owl Lounge, a very swanky cigar bar. After another round of drinks or two with the great Jack Wills group and friends, it was back to Yale's quad for Lupe Fiasco, whose performance was amazing. We danced, took pictures, sat on shoulders and rapped along.

The group definitely took full advantage of all of the hot spots New Haven had to offer as we bopped along the streets, stopping into several eateries and drink joints as desired, (leaving a #jwsummer carving mark every so often...) before indulging in the Jack Wills hosted after party at Toads Place. The venue was kind enough to let us park right out front, adorn the bar and stage with banners and let our closest friends through the back. A few shots later, the girls and I were off dancing the night away on stage before the party pants frenzy began. Rachel and Izzy headed to the DJ booth and spread the Jack Wills party pants love, as we all did later on stage. The limited amount we had caused quite the ruckus among the crowd, but the most deserving went home with a pair of the neon numbers. We eventually had our own dance party in the hotel later that night (there may have been a box of pizza somewhere in the mix) before sleep. Following an early morning all you can eat breakfast in the hotel, the close-knit Jack Wills gang that had assembled for Spring Fling said their "goodbye"s and dispersed... until next time, of course!


So we heading up to St. Lawrence in upstate NY last weekend for the Spring Fest.  The 8 hour journey in Friday evening traffic from Boston was made the pass more quickly with the anticipation of joining Britt at the bar on arrival.  We awoke with a sprightly gait on Saturday morning and the festivities for Spring Fest began with a Kappa house party as a prelude to the main show.  A superb weekend, but the journey home brought with it a little headache, as passenger Tom will testify!

Almost Summer for the Seasonnaires

It's officially one week until the last day of classes (appropriately dubbed by W&M students as "Blowout") and the royal wedding (hello, 4 am wake-up call!), which can only mean one thing: summer is on my mind. I keep getting bursts of excitement for sun, sand, and working (yay?) in between the bursts of fear I suffer from thanks to my looming final exams. Thankfully I think the prospect of summer will be enough to carry me through the next few weeks of constant studying and complaining with my classmates. To kickoff the best season of the year, here is my top three things I'm excited for upon my return to Connecticut from good old Virginia.

1. More Jack Wills stores!

The British are coming, and not just to Massachusetts anymore. Thanks to my inside scoop from JW and Women's Wear Daily, I've been getting pumped for the New Haven, CT, Newport, RI, and Southampton, NY stores opening in May and the Charlottesville, VA store in June. New Haven is dangerously close to my homebase, so I'm sure I'll be frequenting the store quite often this summer on my days off of work when the weather's not good enough to hit up Compo Beach in Westport (the JW Westport store doesn't open til later this year). And of course, I'll be hitting one of the original US stores in Nantucket when I'm there in early August. Luckily, I already have my wishlist picked out (including the liberty print Larkhill dress).

2. Polo matches.

Jack Wills Varsity Polo in June is such an awesome event, even from watching it on my laptop across the Pond. Hopefully I'll get to go to a polo match in person again this summer in Greenwich with some friends (and hopefully it doesn't randomly thunderstorm in the middle of the match like last year). Getting dolled up in floppy hats and sundresses is pretty much a favorite summer pastime of mine, so I'll be jumping at the opportunity to watch some polo.

3. Beachy luxury.

I don't think I've ever looked forward to going to the beach as much as I have been recently. There's just something so glamorous and preppy about walking onto the sand with your Jack Rogers in one hand and your Vineyard Vines beach tote slung over your shoulder. But bathing suits and beach blankets aside, I'm loving walks on the beach at sunset (don't care that this is the cheesiest thing ever) and even glam dinners where the surf meets the sand. The idea of wearing a Lilly maxi dress with some chunky statement jewelry while dining on the beach is just too fabulous for words. Floppy straw hat not optional (this classic one is from J.Crew).

Via thepreppyhandblog.blogspot.com